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The Korean American Experience Told with Wit, Humor and Poignancy

My second book of poems was chosen by Amerie's Book Club (ABC) as their Monday Selection on Instagram. Amerie is an African American/Korean artist and creator, curating compelling books for her book club, Amerie's Book Club. On a mission to highlight books "that capture our struggles, resilience, and eternal hopes" and uplift "diverse and unique perspectives and voices."

I am not going to front, I haven't stopped pinching myself for having my book on ABC. And they styled it up too!

I do tell about my Korean American experience a lot, though. Well, I live it mostly. But I tell it in poems. Really the only format that makes sense to me. As I have said it before, fiction for as much as I love to read it, I have a hard time writing it. That part of my brain is slower to fire. So it is really a thrill to have my book of poems alongside a roster of stunningly compelling fiction writers and poets: Ottessa Moshfegh, Lola Jaye, Mina Lee, Claudia Rankine, Natalie Diaz (really just to name a few).

"...this second installment is a stunning, sharp-tongued exploration of immigration, family, motherhood, daughterhood, and the Korean American experience, all told with wit, humor, and poignancy." --Amerie's Book Club

Aspire to be and/or dispense all three.


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