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Jiwon Choi reading a poem

Indie Lit Fest Reading @ PEN World Voices Festival 
Photo: Nina Hook

The poet’s ‘rosebud power’ and honesty are dynamic, as is her grasp of history, family, identity, and eros.

                                       -Linda Norton

Jiwon Choi is the author of two poetry collections, One Daughter is Worth Ten Sons and I Used To Be Korean, which both deal with her identity as a Korean in the diaspora.  She is an early childhood educator at the Educational Alliance where she works with children and teachers on developing emergent curriculum.  She is a long time gardener and coordinator at the Pacific Street Brooklyn Bear’s Garden near Downtown Brooklyn, where she collaborates with local organizations to bring workshops and cultural arts/music events into the garden.  She started her garden’s first poetry reading series, Hanging Loose Outpost: Poets Read in the Garden, to support local emerging writers and poets with live reading events in a safe, outdoor space.  Her work can be found in publications such as Painted Bride Quarterly, Bombay Gin Literary Journal, Rigorous, and Hanging Loose Magazine.
She lives in Brooklyn, NY.

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