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Reading Live: Thanks Joanna Fuhrman!

Late June, at Le Petit Versailles Garden on the Lower East Side, gathering to celebrate Joanna Fuhrman's birthday and most recent collection of poems, TO A NEW ERA. It is truly front to back loaded with fine writing. If you don't have a copy, order one from:

In this delightful urban garden, among a powerhouse roster of poets, including Caroline Hagood, Sarah Sarai, Elaine Equi (and so many more) it was a joy and a relief to read live and in person. Those butterflies you get before sharing your work out loud in front of others just means you care about the audience, that you must do your best to give a good reading. And those butterflies are what let you know that you are still ALIVE & KICKING!

Read poetry out loud, y'all!

Photo source: Joanna Fuhrman


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